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137 Ocean Road and the adjoining section of Frederick Street zoned as residential land since at least 1984 and 2004 respectively. Both also classified as operational land since 1993 under the Local Government Act.


Council authorised commencement of a road closure application and public consultation process to close the adjoining section of Frederick Street.

May 2018

Council endorsed the road closure, consolidation and sale of the residential lot 137 Ocean Road.

October 2019

Community consultation on Local Strategic Planning Statement identified diverse housing as a priority for the City’s growth.

December 2019

Community consultation on Housing Strategy to accommodate population growth and demand for dwellings suited to smaller households.

March 2020

Council adopted the Local Strategic Planning Statement.

April 2020

Council adopted Lake Macquarie Housing Strategy.

May 2020

dWELL project created in line with Local Strategic Planning Statement and Housing Strategy priorities of: 

  • facilitating infill opportunities for housing
  • accommodating and guiding housing design and innovation
  • supporting the supply of sustainable and affordable housing

June 2020

Competition reference site identified following a review of Council’s operational land holdings.

August 2020

dWELL competition launched:

  • Adjoining residents notified
  • Independent, qualified judging panel selected

August - December 2020

Proactively met with interested stakeholders to provide additional information about the project.

March 2021

Winning designs announced.

April 2021 and beyond

Council staff to work with the winners to develop their design further, for this or another site in Lake Macquarie.