Flood Report Tool

Lake Macquarie City Council's free Flood Report Tool provides information about the flood hazard for a specified property (lot) in Lake Macquarie City. This information may be useful when assessing risk for building or planning, or for providing evidence to help reduce insurance premiums. 

The summary provides details of the possible effects on the specified property from flooding, tidal inundation and predicted sea level rises. Information is only available where Council has undertaken a detailed Flood Study and/or Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

If your property covers more than one lot, you will need to check each lot individually. The highest flood level on any of the subject lots applies.

For detailed, survey-verified flood and floor level information you can apply for a Flood Certificate or Flood/Tidal Inundation Certificate(PDF, 63KB) . A fee applies for this service. A Flood Certificate or Flood/Tidal Inundation Certificate provides flood and tidal risk information for a parcel of land affected by Lake Macquarie waterway flooding and sea level rise. It includes Council’s Flood Planning Level requirements, as well as detailed field survey results showing relative levels of the existing buildings and land.

Access the Flood Report Tool