Building Information Certificate

Building Information Certificates are usually sought by buyers or sellers of a property to make sure that a particular building and its land can remain as is without regulatory action being taken by Council. The certificate can apply for whole or part of a building and is valid for seven years.


Step 1.Register or sign in

To apply for a Building Information Certificate (BIC) online, you must be registered with Council's Online Services. Registration can take up to one business day to process. If you are already registered and would like an update on your BIC please sign in.

Register or sign in

Step 2.Gather documents

Different documents must be submitted with your application depending on the type of Building Information Certificate you are applying for.

All submissions must include certification of installation of smoke alarms.

There are two types of Building Information Certificates:

  1. Minor Residential Development

This certificate type is for dwellings and multiple-dwelling houses. To obtain a Minor Residential Development Building Information Certification, you'll need to submit a current survey of the property for your application. The survey must be a true representation of all structures on the land at the time you submit your application.

2. Residential Flat Buildings, Commercial or Industrial Development

For this certificate type, you'll need to submit a current floor plan of the subject premises and site locality plan with your application.

For properties with unauthorised works, applicants will need to submit:

  • an original certified copy of a current Identification Survey Certificate
  • an explanation from the property owner as to why the works were completed without appropriate approval
  • a full set of construction plans indicating the preexisting site/works and unauthorised works
  • payment of the Development Application, Complying Development and/or Construction Certificate fees, as per the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

For further advice, contact our Customer Service Centre on (02) 4921 0333 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm) and ask to speak with the Duty Officer.

Step 3.Apply

Once you've registered and gathered the required documents, you'll be able to apply for a Building Information Certificate online. A fee is payable upon application.

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