Lake Macquarie has an extensive and expanding network of off-road shared pathways providing opportunities for recreational cycling, jogging, and walking.

Council is committed to improving cycleways across the City and has implemented a cycling strategy to ensure this occurs.

For more information, call Council's Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

The Life Cycle

As the popularity of cycling for transport and pleasure has grown over the past decade in Australia, and in particular, Lake Macquarie, so too has the war of attrition between the clashing cultures of keen cyclists and motorists.

In a bid to shine a light on important road safety messages and change the way these motorists perceive cyclists, Council initiated The Life Cycle campaign, which lit up the shores of Lake Macquarie in a world-first community event to make people see the cyclist, the person, and not just the bike.

Combining technology, people and fun The Life Cycle is an education program that makes people recognise that it is not just a bike on the road, but that there is a person on the bike and that person has a story, a life and a family.

The Life Cycle event took place on Sunday 18 October 2014, starting at Speers Point Park. After being fitted with a light device that shared their personal message, cyclists rode to Warners Bay and back again and were filmed for a targeted campaign video.

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