Awaba Waste Management Facility

How much will it cost to take my waste to the Landfill Site?

For a full price breakdown, see Council's Fees and Charges, with reference to Awaba Waste Disposal Site.

Last Modified: 25-SEP-2015

What are the operating hours of the Awaba Tip?

The Awaba Tip operates between 8.00am to 4.00pm, The Awaba Tip is closed Christmas Day.

Last Modified: 27-SEP-2013

Can I take a mattress to the tip?

Yes. A mattress handling fee will apply, in accordance with Council's Fees and Charges document, to cover the cost of recycling the mattress.

Last Modified: 26-JUL-2013

Where is Councils Landfill Site?

Council's landfill facility is situated at 367 Wilton Road Awaba.  Wilton Road is off Wangi Road 300 metres south of the Toronto Country Club. Phone: 02 4959 3337. 

Please note that when visiting the landfill facility it is a requirement of WorkCover that enclosed shoes are worn at all times.

Last Modified: 26-JUL-2013

What types of waste can be disposed of at the Awaba Landfill?

The Awaba Landfill is licenced to accept General Solid Waste (putrescible and non-putrescible) including - Solid Waste: household domestic waste, residential garden waste, food, dead animals. 

Inert Waste: bricks, concrete, paper, glass, metal, timber, soil, motor vehicle bodies. 


Council will only accept asbestos that has been wet down and is completely encased in a heavy duty plastic and sealed so no asbestos particles can escape into the atmosphere. The waste disposal site requires twenty-four hours notice prior to you bringing any asbestos onto the site. A higher waste charge is applied to "Special Waste" including asbestos for the additional disposal and handling of the special wastes. 

For further information regarding the handling of asbestos please contact Work Cover on 13 10 50. 

Last Modified: 12-NOV-2014

What types of waste cannot be disposed of at Awaba Landfill?

Hazardous waste, liquid waste or restricted solid waste, as defined by the EPA's "Waste Classification Guidelines", cannot be disposed of at the Awaba Landfill. For further information, visit the Waste and Recycling Facilities section of the Services webpage.

Last Modified: 26-JUN-2015