Waste and recycling

How do I report littering?

Littering is inappropriate disposal of small / single items of waste such as food packaging or cigarette butts.

Illegal dumping is inappropriate disposal of bulk items of waste such as furniture, car tyres, building material or bagged rubbish.

Littering From a Vehicle

A person will need to report either directly through the EPA website (a new reporting portal) or through a mobile app which, once downloaded, will take a person to the reporting portal -http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/litter/from-vehicle.htm

Reporters (aged 18+) will have to register their personal details, agree to terms and conditions, and declare understanding of the responsibilities.

Reports need to be made within 14 days of the incident and must include a range of information including car registration and description, date, time, location and the type of littered item where possible.

Fines for littering from a vehicle range from $250 for an individual, $500 for a corporation, to $900 for aggravated littering such as lit cigarette butts during extreme conditions.

For more information, visit the EPA website: www.epa.nsw.gov.au/litter/index.htm

Littering - Not From a Vehicle

Evidence available- If a person has witnessed littering, can identify the person responsible and is willing to give evidence in court this can be lodged as a Service Request – Sustainability - Illegal dumping




Last Modified: 27-FEB-2015