About the program

What do Sustainable Neighbourhood groups do?

Each Sustainable Neighbourhood group develops a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan that identifies a community vision, the values that are important to the people in that community and a list of projects that community members want to do to help build a sustainable neighbourhood. The ideas and projects may be different for each community. The group will then plan and implement activities and projects to achieve their goals.

Some projects local groups are working on include:

  • Organising local talks and workshops around sustainable living and environmental issues
  • Building community gardens
  • Working with Council and local schools to encourage students to walk and cycle
  • Working with established Landcare and Waterwatch groups
  • Holding  local 'trash and treasure' events / clothes swaps
  • Organising a bulk purchase of water tanks
  • Community pride building projects focusing on littering, graffiti and neighbourhood beautification
  • Local energy audits

How does Council support Sustainable Neighbourhoods?

Council staff work with group members to develop a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) for each neighbourhood and assist with resources for community engagement, grant applications, and activity promotion.

Council supports groups by:

  • Scoping broad neighbourhood interest
  • Developing and producing promotional material
  • Assisting with initial administration duties
  • Organising community ‘action planning’ workshops
  • Delivering community surveys
  • Establishing connections within various networks
  • Providing training to help groups become independent