Planning 2014

Planning 2013 has been updated to Planning 2014.

The three draft planning documents were on public exhibition from Monday 24 September 2012 to Monday 24 December 2012, with submissions accepted until 21 January 2013.

The three draft planning instruments include:

Council received around 300 submissions and a copy of all submissions is available to the public on Council’s application tracking page.  The application number is 1/2011 and “Rezoning Application” is the application type.

Council staff have analysed all submissions and as a result of the exhibition:

  • Amendments were made to the draft Lifestyle 2030 Strategy. A report was submitted to Council, and the revised strategy was adopted at Council’s meeting held 11 March 2013 (13STRAT004).
  • Amendments were made to the draft LEP (then named Lake Macquarie LEP 2013). A report was submitted to Council, and the revised LMLEP 2013 was adopted by Council at its meeting held on 13 May 2013 (13STRAT012) with the exception of the Height of Buildings Map Sheet 020 as it applies to land zoned B2 at Warners Bay, which was deferred pending further consultation with the community. The remainder of the LEP was referred to the NSW Planning and Infrastucture to review and forward to the Minister for approval. LMLEP2013 is no to be named LMLEP 2014 and is still being reviewed by NSW Planning and Infrastructure. LMLEP 2014 is now expected to come into effect in mid 2014.
  • Amendments were made to the draft LMDCP 2013. A report was submitted to Council which resolved on 11 June 2013 to adopt the Lake Macquarie DCP 2013, except defer the adoption of the draft Warners Bay Town Centre Area Plan, to allow further community consultation to be undertaken. The remainder of the Lake Macquarie DCP 2013 will only become effective once LMLEP 2014 has been approved by the Minister and has become law.

While the Council adopted versions of the draft LEP and DCP are available on the website, the review by NSW Planning and Infrastructure will result in further change. Contact Council on 02 4921 0333 if you require an update on any specific clause or map layer.